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Squarespace websites for the dental sector

Creating websites for dental professionals using Squarespace, the world's leading template website platform.


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What is Squarespace?

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Squarespace is a beautifully designed template website management system that allows for real-time updates. It works responsively across all web platforms (smartphones, tablets and computers) and is optimised to align itself to the best attributes of current web design, incorporating wide parallax images, video and e-commerce capabilities. It's been used to create over one million sites.

Simply put, Squarespace allows businesses of all sizes to have an engaging website, and that includes the dental sector.


Why Squarespace?

Squarespace is, in our opinion, the best platform for creating beautiful and engaging websites.
It's easy to maintain, accessible, well optimised and reliable. It also accommodates the best aspects of good website design. 

How does ss4d work?

We use Squarespace to build your website, and then show you how to update and maintain it, or alternatively, we take care of things and provide regular updates for you. Most of our clients are pushed for time and they use Squarespace as it is considered one of the best formats to produce a website. Convenient and easy to manage, Squarespace offers excellent value and a premium product.

Our Existing Clients


The Singing Dentist, S4S Dental, The London School of Facial Aesthetics, Crigglestone Dental, Smilelign, Bloom & Gonsai Dental, 4 Health, Park Dental, East Leigh Dental Care, Bellissima Clinic, Dental Practice Magazine, Chequers Dental Surgery.


This new patient-facing website simplifies the process for prospective patients, helps them understand how the product works and enables patients to find their closest provider.

The Singing Dentist

Dr Milad Shadrooh of Chequers Dental, the most influential person in dentistry in 2017, appointed us to create his Singing Dentist website. Created in under 48 hours is proof that Squarespace allows for effiecient website builds!

S4S Dental

An engaging video backdrop, online store, product examples, testimonial videos, responsive and linked to their active social media profiles.  

Bellissima Clinic

This wonderful practice wanted a clean and elegant site to reflect the sophisticated and elegant feel of their practice. Squarespace made this possible with a video backdrop and wide-angle images, featuring parallax overlays.